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There have been many seismic shifts in the world over the last 2 years. The whole world was affected in different ways. The logistics industry was unique in that it was one of a small few that were unable to work from home. This has meant companies working in the global supply chain must do everything to mitigate risk.

One of the ways we saw them do this was by changing over from telnet to SSH (Secure Shell). SSH has been slowly but surely taking over the logistics industry in the last few years. But it is only in the last 12 months, that we are seeing thousands of businesses making the switch to SSH.

You asked, and we listened

For many years now we have had clients asking about SSH.

SL Secure was released by SeattleLab in 2021 and it’s the first fully SSH product from SeattleLab.

SL Secure builds on the highly successful SLNet product range, by creating a SSH software with built-in security between the SLNet server and the wireless handheld devices.

SL Secure optimises the SSH protocol link between radio frequency devices and it works with Windows versions 2019 as well as enabling an unlimited number of users.

Are you prepared?

But this move from telnet to SSH technology can be complicated if your company is not adequately prepared.

There are many questions you must ask yourself before the switch to SSH:

  • Do all devices need to be moved over?
  • Do you need to upgrade?
  • Do your devices need both telnet and SSH?

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