SLNet for Healthcare

SLNet gives your staff the flexibility to connect RF Scanners to existing applications from any type of device. SLNet’s terminal emulation allows your existing applications to connect up to new devices without any additional development.

Case Study
Using SLNet, one of the leading Healthcare Providers in the US uses SLNet to monitor and record data from dialysis machines across hundreds of locations. Using their own applications and in-house develop expertise, they have integrated SLNet into this solution because of its reliability and low data use.

Because of the distributed nature of the location of dialysis machines – with many being in the patient’s home – the Telnet application can reliably send the data across low bandwidth networks to ensure ongoing monitoring and data uploading. SLNet has been integrated into the overall application to provide this solution.

Download your free fully functional 14 day trial

If you wish to trial SLNet before buying, you can download a 14 day free trial for 5 Telnet sessions from our Shop by clicking on the Version that you need below. If you believe that you require more than this for your trial, please contact our Sales team who would be happy to listen to your requirements and discuss options