SLNet for Food Processing

Nearly 30% of SLNet customers are in the Food Processing business. The need to process goods quickly means that the use of technology such as SLNet is a key part in achieving this. However, the need to process more data regarding food processing and packaging is increasing the use of two-way data transmission between inventory management applications and the devices used on the factory floor,

Bar Codes are being extended to contain more data about the food that is contained within the packaging.
For the most part, barcodes benefit the businesses that use them, and are mostly forgotten by consumers. The use of bar code scanning directly linked to an inventory management system helps the business manage their inventory, eliminating guesswork and clerical errors from their supply chain. However, for years, barcodes have been very one-sided, only speeding up the checkout process for customers or used by the organisation for stock control.

The food industry is in the midst of a technological revolution, as shoppers are now more concerned than ever with the provenance and nutritional value of their food. There are now upgrades in barcode technology, such as the newer “2D” barcodes (square QR codes) on web pages and on things like concert tickets, prescription medicine bottles and more, as well as advances in smartphones that allow users to scan barcodes using a variety of apps, everyday people are finding more uses for barcodes than they’d ever considered before.

At SeattleLab, we have been providing the Food Processing industry with viable technology solutions for decades. By using our range of expertise in RF Technology, communications, security and systems integration, we are extending our solutions to meet the latest developments in this sector.

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