Find out how RF technology can bring speed and accuracy to your warehouse

The humble barcode has been around for decades, but many warehouse operators are still not using radio frequency technology to capture data. These companies will eventually be overtaken by operators that use RF to serve their customers better, faster and at lower cost.

Since the first barcode patent was filed in the US by Woodland and Silver in 1949, Radio Frequency (RF) scanning has progressed to become part of everyday life and is even a standard feature of many smartphones and tablet devices. It came of age in the 1970’s to scan barcodes on products or warehouse locations and its use has grown rapidly as scanning devices and network technologies have become more affordable. Although it is a relatively straightforward technology, in the right environment it can still deliver significant improvements in the accuracy and speed of your warehousing and logistics operations, which can really benefit the company’s bottom line.

If your warehouse is well laid-out, with many locations, racked locations and/or lots of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), then it’s highly likely that a warehouse management system (WMS) equipped with RF scanning would be beneficial. it sends the instructions to RF devices in the optimal sequence in which to complete pick, put away and stock check activities in high throughput environments and replies in real-time rather than relying on paper based records. Even in highly mechanised warehouses, trained operators may still be needed to book goods in and out. The RF scanning system optimises the remaining operator based activities of your warehouse operations as well.”

How does SLNet Help ?
With SLNet you will have the ability to manage a great deal of goods within a flexible warehouse management system, include SAP Warehouse Management and a range of in-house developments.

See some of the many benefits below:

  • Reduced Warehouse costs: This is achieved via the use of resources, e.g. equipment, space, people and time
  • Improve Services: Reduce order cycle times and offer modern, value-added services to customers.
  • Increase productivity and accuracy: Standardise processes and procedures, reducing error rates, and increasing inventory accuracy.
  • Works Out of the Box. SLNet can be up and running without any developments or complex configuration so that you can up and running quickly
  • Range of supported devices. There are over 1,500 RF Scanners on the marker. SLNet works with them all
  • Unlimited number of sessions. SLNet can be licensed for any number of scanners and concurrent sessions
  • Integration with Warehouse Management Applications. SLNet is approved by SAP for integration with their Extended Warehouse Management application but many of our customers integrate SLNet into their own applications.

Download your free fully functional 14 day trial

If you wish to trial SLNet before buying, you can download a 14 day free trial for 5 Telnet sessions from our Shop by clicking on the Version that you need below. If you believe that you require more than this for your trial, please contact our Sales team who would be happy to listen to your requirements and discuss options