SLNet lets your teams quickly gather data. Its high-speed connection to applications keeps data traffic. SLNet works with any kind of RF Device and scales from small grocery stores to large retail stores.

RF Scanning can now be used for by the store and the shopper. Increasingly, the low cost of the technology enables not only the Store Manager to control stocks and inventory but also enables stores to provide shoppers with handheld devices to scan goods and calculate costs as they add items to their baskets -thereby speeding up the process at the checkout.

Case Study: RF Scanners for Grocery Shopping

Inventory Management
Stores of all sizes can use RF scanners to check inventory and order more stock by two-way communication to in-store applications.

Personal Shopping
Personal Shopping solutions allows customers to scan their own items as they shop meaning that they only have to pack their bags once and can check out without a queue. This solution is now being implemented across the board as more retail chains deploy the technology and customers become more familiar with its use.

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