What is Load Balancing?

A load balancer is a tool to distribute the traffic between a group of servers (so if one server goes down another server can still be used).

The Azure load balancer also has a health probe function, where it periodically “probes” the SLNet servers to check that it gets a response from the telnet port and therefore thinks the server is “healthy”.

So the Azure Load Balancer Health Probes periodically probes the telnet port of the SLNet server to check that there is a response, to prevent RF scanners from attempting to connect if the telnet port doesn’t respond.

What changed with SLNet 6.7?

In earlier versions of SLNet these repeated and frequent probes (the frequency is set by the customer and can be as frequent as every 10 seconds) ended up blocking the telnet port so RF scanners couldn’t connect and the customer had to reboot the server. Also, it caused application crashes.

The fixes introduced in v6.7 have fixed this so SLNet is compatible with Azure load balancer health probe.

SLNet has been optimized to work alongside Azure Load Balancer Health Probe ensuring your RF scanners only connect to a server reporting a healthy status.

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