SLNet Connects RF Devices To Your Applications

SLNet is the leading solution for Telnet servers, RF device connections and terminal emulation.

Over 30,000 customers (warehouse, manufacturing, grocery stores, healthcare, etc.) worldwide praise it for its reliability and high performance.
SLNet delivers a multi-user solution for server-based applications with a flexible terminal emulation capability that removes the need for re-programming to connect applications to terminals or RF (Radio Frequency) devices.

SLNet is a full-featured Telnet service that optimizes your RF device wireless environment. SLNet gives users the ability to easily log into custom applications or access the Window’s Common Command Shell from any RF device.

SLNet delivers:

  • a proven, risk free, business solution that meets all your needs for connectivity, productivity, security, reliability, and performance. SLNet is installed and configured in a few minutes.
  • a powerful and flexible solution to your needs. Its thrifty use of resources and multi-tasking engine allows an unlimited number of telnet sessions on a server.
  • support for Unicode and UTF-8 character sets and can make any RF device pass in the right sequence of characters to your application. Any language, any terminal, any application – SLNet is there to do the job.

How SLNet Works

SLNet software runs on a Windows server and allows multiple devices to connect to telnet sessions up to the amount of the SLNet license.

  • SLNet seamlessly creates unique connections to your applications by running multiple copies of its SLCon executable that talks directly to your application.
  • Mobile devices can receive menus to choose applications or servers.
  • SLNet automatically reconnects devices that disconnect when they come back in range.

Unlimited telnet sessions
SLNet is powerful and flexible. Its thrifty use of resources and multi-tasking engine allows an unlimited number of telnet sessions on a server.

Flexible Terminal Emulation
SLNet handles Unicode, UTF-8, and can make any terminal or device pass in the right sequence of characters to your application. Any language, any terminal, any application – SLNet is there to do the job.
SLNet automatically reconnects devices that disconnect when they come back in range.

SLNet Features

  • High performance by minimizing CPU resources – heavily multi-threaded and asynchronous
  • Offers unlimited concurrent telnet sessions for any device running terminal emulation, including RF devices
  • Works with any telnet client on the market, NO proprietary client software is required
  • Users can work invisibly and simultaneously on the same server without interfering with the server console user
  • Two-levels of time-out options available including an auto-reconnect feature
  • Multi-line banner support for messages to users from the administrator
  • Send messages to specific users in the network without interrupting work flow
  • Customizable logon and password prompts (encrypted user name and password)
  • Customize security levels per user
  • Logon security restriction to IP address or a range of addresses
  • ANSI terminal sequences supporting VT -100 and VT-220
  • Supports colours
  • Supports multiple consoles per session, allowing the user to hot-key between sessions
  • Supports UTF-8 and Unicode characters – multi-language single and double byte character sets
  • Custom key sequences
  • Extended logging options tracking every key stroke, status and event that happens to quickly resolve any technical issue
  • Multi-layer configuration (domains, applications)
  • Security options – lock down terminals and be specific on what a user can access
  • SSH Security
  • Manage multiple SLNet servers from a single interface – either remotely or locally

SLNet Versions

SLNet has been successfully connecting RF scanners to Window applications for nearly 20 years. The product has evolved considerably over the years and we have recently added some new versions.

The current supported releases are as follows:

Supported Windows Server versions
Full-Featured SSH Service
SSH User Security
Hand Held RF Device Support
Flexible Terminal Emulation
Windows 2016
Windows 2019
Bug Fix Release
Improvements to Auto-Reconnect features
Performance Improvements
Integration with SAP Console 7.3
Improvements to SLCon user Interface
Support for Windows 2016 and 2019
New Installation package
Windows 2012
Windows 2016
Windows 2019
As per 6.2.1
Removal of all 32-bit components
Fully 64-bit compliant
Windows 2012
Windows 2016
Windows 2019

SeattleLab would recommend that all new users consider using either V6.2.1 or, if your infrastructure is fully 64-bit compatible, then use V6.3.
Users of earlier versions can easily upgrade to one of the Version 6 releases. If you have a current support agreement, you will be eligible for a discount for these licenses. Speak to our Sales team for more details.

If you still wish to download one of our earlier versions, please contact our sales team.

Supported Windows Server Versions

In January 2020, Microsoft withdrew support for Windows Server 2008 R2. Whilst SLNet is continuing to work with this version, we can no longer guarantee to resolve any reported bugs with this version.

SLNet is available for a free 14 day evaluation. Visit our shop and select the 14 Day Demo version from the store. When you’re ready to buy, simply come back and make your purchase.

Supported Platforms – (native or VM)

Windows Server
SLNet v6.3
SLNet v6.2.1
SLNet v6.0
SLNet v5.3
SLNet v5.0


Get More Users Connected to SAP

SAP recommends SLNet telnet server software for all their customers to access SAP Console from RF devices. SLNet enables an unlimited number of users to work simultaneously on any Windows server without interfering with one another.

Use RF Devices without changing any software

SLNet lets users connect to applications seamlessly. With SLNet and Windows 2000/2003/2008 server, your applications are ready for real-time use with any RF wireless device that supports Telnet. SLNet lets users run applications efficiently on the server without having to pull all the data to the device.

Powerful And Flexible Terminal Emulation Solution

SLNet enables an unlimited number of users to connect to existing applications from any type of terminal without reprogramming. SLNet telnet server software can emulate any terminal device and translate characters sequences into the ones the application is expecting.

Download your free fully functional 14 day trial

If you wish to trial SLNet before buying, you can download a 14 day free trial for 5 Telnet sessions from our Shop by clicking on the Version that you need below. If you believe that you require more than this for your trial, please contact our Sales team who would be happy to listen to your requirements and discuss options