Small delays build to large problems

Anyone who has worked in warehousing and logistics will know how much time is a major factor in your company’s productivity. Just a few small setbacks can lead to delays which could cost your organisation substantially.

Logging on to a device each and every time is just one of these delays that can begin to add up. Enough of these delays and you may have severe problems in your logistics pipeline.

This can be further compounded by losing the connection to the telnet server in the middle of an important task. This is compounded when it becomes necessary to log back in each time the connection is lost.

Automatic Logon

SeattleLab can help with that with one of its most unique features. Automatic logon is the ability to logon into any device without always needing a username or password. This cuts vital minutes off your employee’s workloads each day and allow your organisation to streamline their logistics pipeline.

Logon details will be placed in the shell specified in the User Profile. Therefore the need to type a username and password into small rf devices each time is erased.

SLNet also gives you the ability to have a shared ID that can be used from a single IP address or a secure group of IP addresses/

SLNet can also automatically logon a user from a device that connects from a specific IP address or a range of addresses. This enables you to have a shared user ID be used from a single IP address or a secured range of IP addresses.

This comes in extra handy when there is a temporary telnet disconnection (for example, the interruption of an RF device’s signal).  the Windows IP stack makes SLNet aware of this interruption and you are automatically connected back to your application.

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