Communication is key to any organization hoping to maximize its potential. With SeattleLab we have some unique features that can help your company achieve its goals.


As an administrator, it helps to be able to send a message to all employees across all devices.

Anyone who has worked in logistics knows that some orders must be given priority either due to the specifics of the order or the profile of the client. When priorities change like this it is important to be able to alert everyone within the organization of these changes. Failure to alert every member of staff to these changes could have huge consequences for your company’s logistics pipeline.

With multi-line banner support, the Administrator can send updates easily and securely to all employees.

Direct Messaging

Another important thing when running a business is that you have the ability to communicate instantly to everyone across your organisation.

Most manufacturing plants can be quite large, loud and busy meaning it is important to have software that allows your administrator the ability to message employees instantly and directly.

While your employees are working the factory floor, it can be beneficial to use your telnet-connected devices to send direct messages to these colleagues.

This saves time and unnecessary work in your normal day-to-day operations, and in an emergency situation, it can become critical.

Where we come in

These two features are exclusive to our SLNet and SL Secure product range. To experience them for yourself, you can download the free trial of both our telnet and SSH products by clicking the links below:

 Download SLNet Free Trial

 Download SL Secure Free Trial