Terminal Emulation

In any warehouse or retail outlet, there is usually a host of different technologies working together. When purchasing technology for this area, it is important that you buy something that works with everything.

Terminal emulation is the ability to make one computer terminal, commonly a PC, appear like another, usually an older version of a terminal so that a user can access programs originally written to communicate with the other terminal type.

One of the most common examples of this would be a modern server computer connecting to legacy terminals which are still in operation.

How we can help

One of the best features of our SeattleLab products is their adaptability.

Both SLNet & SL Secure can be customised to meet any terminal emulation or application character needs, details of which are provided in the Installation, Configuration and Administration Guide.

We can work with any character-based Windows console application.

SLNet & SL Secure provide ANSI terminal sequences (compatible with the VT-100 and VT-220) for cursor positioning and
formatted screen handling.

It supports colours, UTF-8 characters, Unicode characters and custom key mapping.

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To get a better understanding of how Terminal Emulation benefits our products, you can download a free trial of both our telnet and SSH products by clicking the links below:

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