One of the great features of SeattleLab’s products is their versatility. Both the telnet configured SLNet and the SSH configured SL Secure can work with a huge variety of applications (including SAP).

We recently surveyed our clients on the different technologies they use with SLNet and SL Secure.

We found that the main prerequisites needed for a compatible application are they must have the following:

  • User Interface Display
  • Character-Based
  • Keyboard Input

Below you can read a little more detail about the technologies used in our product range:


Our surveys showed the most popular enterprise software with our SL products amongst our clients was SAP.

SLNet has been highly recommended for many years by SAP for Telnet Services to connect to SAP Console.

It is used worldwide by organizations to connect users to SAP Console without a problem.

Our products add the ability to send and collect data to and from RF Scanners and to update the data directly to the SAP database via SAP Console. This is a proven and tested solution used by organisations across the world.

Windows Compatible

While the most popular enterprise software by far is SAP Console,  our survey showed that some of our clients were using a selection of different applications. These clients come from a wide variety of different sectors such as Warehouse Management, Retail and Healthcare.

Anything application on a windows box that can be utilised through a command window can be used with our product range.

Custom Applications

Our survey also showed that some of our customers have even developed their own applications to run on their central server in place of SAP.

Clients such as Port of Waterford have worked to develop their own ERP technology to run on the central server. And by working closely with SeattleLab they were able to create to be compatible with SLNet & SL Secure.

Check out our case studies to read how we were able to help Port of Waterford.

Try a Free Download today

To see our products in action, a free download, of both our Telnet & SSH software, is available on our website by following the link below:

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