Last year SeattleLab released its first SSH only software with SL Secure.

SL Secure creates a Windows SSH server with a secure encrypted connection between wireless handheld devices and your line of business applications.

And while the product is not a replacement for SLNet, there are many reasons to use them side by side on the same Windows server.

Mixed capability Devices

For many organisations in the Manufacturing and Warehousing sectors, technology has changed exponentially over the last few years.

But these technological changes can come at a great cost to these sectors. So it has become quite common to use both telnet and SSH together in different areas of the organisation.

So these organisations need an SSH technology that works side by side with their existing telnet server.

With SeattleLab, you can have two different technologies that work side by side with SLNet & SL Secure and run concurrently on an individual Windows server.

Migration Assistance

And for those organisations planning a migration from telnet to SSH, SeattleLab products have you covered.

Both SLNet & SL Secure can be used alongside each throughout the migration process.

As mentioned above, they can be used flawlessly alongside each other meaning your migration can be done at your organisation’s pace and without the need for additional servers.

Try our software today

To see our products in action, a free download, of both our talent & SSH software, is available on our website by following the link below:

 Download SLNet Free Trial

 Download SL Secure Free Trial