Technology Reseller


As a technology reseller, they act as an intermediary between your organization and numerous software publishers for the purpose of not only acquiring software publishers’ offerings but also the provision of administrative and professional services relating to the use of that software. They are responsible for selecting software that best compliments each other perfectly and works seamlessly together regardless of the sector.

They are a leading global provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions such as Analysis & Statistics, Antivirus, Backup, Database, Programming Components, Engineering & 3D, Project Management, Mac Solutions, Multimedia, Research & Academic Support, Productivity, Network & Monitoring and much more!


Our reseller required technology for their clients that was easy to use, easy to scale and most of all, affordable. It was important to their clients that our software work with the latest Windows Server version.



Challenges Faced

Technology resellers are always looking to find a technology that complements the software already being used by an organization. It is their hope they can find something to seamlessly work with the technology already being used.


How SLNet helped

Our easy to use and easy to implement telnet solution can make the challenges of running large warehouses across the globe much simpler.


Partner Benefits

Support Management

Our technology is easy to use, but even then some clients may feel they need assistance. So our dedicated support staff are available, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to help out with whatever query you might have.

“Our clients want to know that the technology they have purchased can be well maintained and support is available at a moment’s notice”


Sharing of marketing & sales support

As well as sharing sales leads, SeattleLab works with its partners to create joint marketing collateral such as case studies, infographs etc. We feel these marketing projects are jointly beneficial to both our organisations and help build brand awareness.

“The sales leads SeattleLab shared with us were of great benefit to our sales team and the joint marketing ventures were a fantastic way to get our name out there”


Dedicated partner manager

If you become a partner with us. You will benefit from having a dedicated account manager who you can deal with directly for support issues, upgrades and new licences.

“We found it a huge benefit to be able to talk to our own account manager whenever we had a query about licences or upgrades.”


End-User Benefits



For organizations in the logistics and warehousing sector, any sort of small delay can lead to much larger problems. They work on carefully crafted schedules that must be adhered to keep everything moving like clockwork.

This means they need software they can depend on which won’t fail.

“Having a reliable technology like SLNet means we know there isn’t going to be connections issues in the middle of a busy workday.”


Ease of Use

SLNet is easy to install & easy to use from the very first moment you have it installed. This saves your organization from going through lengthy training sessions each time there is a new hire.

“The software worked straight out of the box. We were up and running with SLNet within a couple of minutes”



Our technology is designed to work with a variety of different client’s servers including the latest version of Windows Server (2019)

“It is always great to find software which has no compatibility issues.”



“We have had a working relationship with SeattleLab for many years now. We have seen first-hand the huge benefits of working as a partner with such a dynamic software provider. Their products perfectly complement the technology in our software catalogue”.


For more information about the software available from SeattleLab, visit our product page.