No matter the size of your company, you know that a slow down in their logistic’s pipeline can have a huge effect on many parts of your business.

When these problems do arise, then it is important for your company to find where the problem is coming from and fix it quickly before it begins to affect profits. That is where session monitoring can help you.

What is Session Monitoring?

One of the most impressive features of SLNet is the ability to monitor any telnet sessions within the organization.

Session monitoring is the method used to locally observe the display on a remote SSH/Telnet session.

Why it is important for a business?

From an admin point of view, it is important to be able to track and monitor all telnet devices across your organisation.

This is especially useful if you have operator training and certification, allowing supervisors to monitor session activity and provide feedback through the training cycle.

You can monitor from a central point of your network, monitoring any session regardless of geography, making it especially useful if you have a large multi-site operation with numerous locations across the country or continent.

Errors can be fixed and your organisation can learn where the pipeline is being slowed down and where improvements can be made.

How SLNet can help

With SLNet from SeattleLab, we can take away some of the worries that you may experience while running a large organisation.

Working in conjunction with Windows 2016 & 2019, our fast, responsive technology can help you monitor large areas of your pipeline.

Our latest version of SLNet is called SL Secure and is our most advanced to date.

SL Secure optimises the SSH protocol link between radio frequency devices and works with Windows versions 2016 onward as well as enabling an unlimited number of users.

If you are interested in knowing more about our exciting array of products, you can download a free 14-day trial of our latest software offers by following the link below:

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