Wifi is nothing new to technology companies. It has been in use since 1997 and now virtually every organisation in the world connects to the internet using it. But for some businesses, traditional legacy technologies are still widely used.

In today’s blog, I wanted to talk about some of the benefits of making the change to Wifi and how SeattleLab can continue to work with you.

Unified infrastructure

For many organisations, one of the most critical aspects of their business is having a unified infrastructure.

Without it, technology headaches will continue to be common in your workspace as different software refuse to cooperate with each other.

It is essential that every technology used in your organisation is able to work together effortlessly and without problems.

This desire to switch to wifi may also have to do with external pressure from traditional vendors who want to move away from any legacy software. They will insist upon upgrading as they try to move all their remaining customers away from RF devices.

Improved speed

Like with much wifi enabled applications, speed is a hugely crucial deciding factor. Improvement in response times can lead to huge savings over time.

Wifi is much more ideal for smaller closed-off areas such as retail and manufacturing warehouses.

Expanding Market

As you may have noticed, wifi is everywhere. It is harder to find a device without wifi these days.

Changing to wifi can be quite useful in the technology market. There is a much larger scope of companies in the wifi sector as opposed to radio frequency which can be quite limited.


Security concerns may necessitate the change to wifi. Wifi connections are the most secure available and add an extra layer of security through their protected protocol.

Reliability and accuracy are essential to ensure the coordination and smooth operation of a manufacturing warehouse. And therefore properly security is essential.


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