Everything at a halt

What is the financial cost of 1 hour of downtime to your organization and your clients?

Places like warehouses are synonymous with multiple types of technologies, both old and new, working alongside each other.

While they are uncommon, all these different technologies together can lead to temporary downtime when one of the technologies refuses to work.

These minor problems can lead to slight delays which can then in turn create more significant issues.

Client Disillusionment

This downtime no matter how brief can lead to client frustration.

This may be too much for clients who have to stick to a tight schedule and you may have to fight to keep these customers.

These end users, can’t take the risk that a similar issue may happen again. Delays cost them financially and the higher-ups won’t let this happen again.

You are forced to apologise and assure them no such downtime will happen again. But this is something you can’t be certain of, but with SeattleLab you can be sure that any issue will be looked at quickly and a solution to the problem will be found.

Protect your organisation

What your company needs is a technology they can trust. And when there is a rare issue, they can rely on a support team who is highly experienced and can work to solve any tech problems quickly and professionally.

With SeattleLab we have been working in the telnet industry for over 30 years and our support team is unrivalled.

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