The end of the road has arrived.

We will say goodbye to our support for our 5.0/5.3 products in approximately 2 weeks on Dec 31st.

With the new year brings fresh emphasis on our 6.0/6.2/6.3 products as well as our SSH exclusive product SL Secure.

If you are currently running  5.0/5.3 you may be asking what end-of-support means for your organisation.

Below I will give a brief summary:

End of Support

End of support means from Jan 1st onwards, those customers exclusively using expired products will not be eligible for support.

If there are any significant issues after the above date, clients will be simply advised to upgrade to one of our newer versions (6.2/6.3)


This will also mean no further patches will be created for the legacy products.

While we know our products are trusted and run without a problem, we are aware that patches have needed to be created for some of our customers.

While this situation is quite rare, it may cause problems after the end of support deadline which leads to significant delays in your production pipeline.

Jump before being pushed

It is important to make these decisions on your time. No one wants to be forced to make such a decision without adequate planning and preparation.

We are advising all clients affected by this end-of-support announcement to upgrade to the latest version to avoid the headache that comes with production downtime.

Talk to us today and together we can plan your software upgrade to suit your schedule. Click the link below to schedule a call for a time that suits you best.

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