What is character mapping?

Character Mapping is the ability to change a character during transmission using pre-defined settings.

What is UTF-8?

UTF-8 is an encoding system for Unicode. It can translate any Unicode character to a matching unique binary string, and can also translate the binary string back to a Unicode character.

Why is Character Mapping used?

For many organisations, accurate communication is essential for day to day business, but this can become increasingly difficult with less up to date hardware. With a huge financial cost attached to buying new hardware, easier cost-effective solutions must be found. This is where Character Mapping comes in.

A simple but good example of this was the changing of the European currency to Euros in January 2002. This caused major disturbances within organisations around Europe and the wider world. Huge problems were faced by companies whose hardware would never have used the Euro sign (€) before, this meant companies around Europe had to use character mapping to properly articulate a Euro sign or spend millions to update.

For international companies, one small error due to the device’s limited characters could end up costing a company millions. For multiple locations to work in a business, everyone must be on the same page when it comes to communication.

Where does SLNet come in?

SLNet from SeattleLab is the leading solution for Telnet servers, RF device connections and terminal emulation.

SLNet can be customized to meet any terminal emulation/application character needs. ANSI terminal emulators lack all the keys on a PC keyboard, yet software written to be run on PCs makes extensive use of these keys.

To allow terminal emulator users to simulate the pressing of keys they do not have, SLNet provides mapping sequences. These sequences allow the user to communicate their message accurately and effectively.

Special Functions

The Special Keys allow you to control processes you have generated from SLNet. It is possible from SLNet to invoke a process of which you lose control.

Another advantage of using SLNet, is the ability to use function keys (located on the top row of standard keyboards) on the RF devices and allow the operator to send unique messages and actions.

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