End of Support

On January 14th 2020, Windows Server 2008 reached the end of its support lifecycle. This meant that after nearly 12 years it was no longer supported and no further software updates will be released. This will, in turn, lead to many security issues as older servers struggle to keep up. This is the path that all Windows Servers products have gone through and will continue with Windows 2012 in July 2022.

The latest version to be released is Windows Server 2019, which is not expected to reach the end of its support lifecycle until June 2030.


One of the newest features to come out of the Windows 2019 release is the 64-bit compatibility. This is now the standard of all Microsoft’s newest solutions. With more processing power than ever before, WS2019 is newer, faster and more secure than any version that has come before it.

With many of our clients updating their software to Windows Server 2019 and 64-bit compatibility, we here at SeattleLab didn’t want to be left behind. So we began developing the most up to date version of SLNet we have ever seen and that is where SLNet 6.3 was born.

SLNet 6.3

SLNet 6.3 from SeattleLab is our first exclusively 64-bit technology.

With all the new functionality provided by  SLNet 6.2, this version removes all the 32-bit components to offer a full 64-bit conformant product.

SeattleLab would recommend that if your infrastructure is fully 64-bit compatible, then all new users should consider SLNet 6.3.

For a clearer picture of how SLNet from SeattleLab can help your organisation visit our product page or download a free trial of our latest 64 bit version SLNet 6.3 by clicking the link below.

 Download SLNet 6.3 Free Trial